Premium Mail

Available with our Access services or standalone

  • Business Quality Service and Performance
  • Real-time mirroring provides redundant storage in a logically and geographically disparate location
  • Multi Layer Spam protection
  • Optional Anti Virus Scanning (definitions updated hourly)
  • Web Interface in addition to classic mail client operation
  • Designated Administrator for your domain maintains all accounts via Web Interface and has access to usage statistics and reports for the domain
  • Domain and Individual Account filtering and spam rating management
  • Account forwarding
  • Account aliasing
  • Lists
  • Autoresponders
  • SPF support
  • DKIM support
  • 100 MB mailboxes
  • Seamless transition from legacy provider
  • Optional Front-End operation provides protection and filtering for conventional in-house server
  • Optional Calendaring and Instant Messaging services

$25/25 users/month – anti virus scanning $25/25 users/month extra

Basic function and charge included with most access accounts