Computer Variations is a different kind of Internet Service Provider: We primarily work with IT Managers and Computer Consultants to provide Internet Services to Business customers. Whether it’s a highly tunable minimum spam Mail Service, fast loading Websites, ┬ábusiness quality Access in unusual locations, supporting services such as DNS and Domain Name Registration, our approach is to offer Quality, Customer-centric, Flexible Custom solutions.

Computer Variations was founded in 1990 as a source of knowledgeable consultants, network installers and hardware providers, offering networking solutions when those were few and far between. In 1995 the focus shifted to the Internet, designing and implementing complete solutions for businesses needing to access what was then somewhat of a Wild West scenario. We pioneered affordable turnkey Access solutions for small businesses. As extremely large companies sprung up offering discounted cookie cutter style Internet products, we chose to differentiate ourselves by listening to our customers and designing services that would best suit their individual needs.

We work with IT Managers and Consultants. An in-house or contracted Manager or Computer Consultant, with knowledge of the specific environment and company policies and requirements, is the best person to work directly with end-users. Our role is to provide easily accessible product information and support to that Manager and Computer Consultant and make their job easier and more successful.

Today our Services fall into the categories of Premium Mail, Access, Websites, DNS and Domain Name Registration.